Technical experts to brieorder bracelets onlinef Beijing judges hearing IP cases

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A system to help Beijing courts share resources of technical investigators during intellectual property cases was nearly ready, the municipal high people"s court said on Friday.

To effectively improve handling of some difficult IP disputes, courts citywide have been encouraged to invite experts attend case hearings to help judges understand and study technical details, according to a statement of the Beijing High People"s Court.

"For example, Haidian District People"s Court has invited technical investigators to participate in its hearings, and they are asked to prepare reports of technical key points in intellectual property cases for judges," said Yang Boyong, chief judge of the intellectual property division at the court.

It was the first time that technical investigator were used in a court at district level across the country, he added.

Fengtai District People"s Court also made full use of technical investigators, asking them and other advisers to help judges verify the effect of electronic evidence, the statement said.

"All the moves are to ensure the quality of IP case hearings as well as to improve the judicial efficiency," said Yang.

Last year, the capital"s courts heard 41,320 IP cases, up 43.1 percent year-on-year, and they concluded 37,522 of the total, a 38.7 percent increase year-on-year, it added.

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